Pricing and Packages

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NOTE:  Clients are responsible for providing content and graphics for their sites. Graphic editing and design are not included in the scope of the project and will require additional fees.  For clients needing assistance with content, we have skilled resources available at an additional fee.

Site maintenance and support requests are limited to WordPress updates, plugin updates and server functions.  Content additions, changes in third-party services, and other changes after the intial delivery and acceptance of the website are the responsibility of the site owner or will require an additional fee if we provide these services.  Please contact us to learn whether your request is covered by site maintenance and support.  

Once work has begun on any individual project or website, PerfectFit does not offer refunds as our time cannot be reclaimed.  If the client chooses to cancel a project after work has been initiated, ongoing billing will be terminated at once, but no refunds will be issued for deposits paid.  In our sole discretion, PerfectFit may choose to issue a pro-rated refund that excludes any work completed billed at our hourly rate of $180/hour.